Full Throttle…

Well once again God has blessed the Desert Lake Church launch team and given us great reason to celebrate.  Recently we as a team having been reading the book launch.  In the book it talks about what the first staffing positions of the church should be before you even launch.  The two most important positions are the lead pastor and the worship lead.  Since we first decided we were starting a church in Reno, Gabe and I put careful thought and consideration into who should fulfill the position of the worship lead.  When I was in Seattle I met with Ceci Lawson.  One of the original nine who helped God launch Eastlake Church in Seattle.  I shared with her the vision God had given me in regards to Desert Lake church and offered her the position.  Although Ceci has never been a worship lead before I know what an amazing individual she is and how her love for God and love for others is contagious.  She is an amazing leader, an incredible singer, with an amazing heart to build up others.  She has incredible insight into launching a new church, and would be a huge asset.  I believe God has put her on my heart for this position because she is the best for the job.  I believe she would have a huge impact regarding what God will do at Desert Lake, and I know she would build the best worship team possible.  Well, this Monday we received a reply from her and it is with great thanks to God that I am able to introduce to you the newest member of the Desert Lake team, the worship team lead for Desert Lake Church, Ceci Lawson!


One response to “Full Throttle…

  • Ceci

    Thank you, Tyler. I am honored, humbled & honestly a bit in shock still. What an incredible opportunity to be a catalyst in this ministry. I know God is already working a great thing for Reno and we are privileged to ride his wave of hope, grace & love to the community. Let’s do this!

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