Why Reno?

In the inception of deciding to launch Desert Lake Church many people have asked us this question.  Why Reno?  What makes it different from anywhere else?  What makes this city special?  In the beginning I would have told them we all prayed on it, we prayed on the gaps where there wasn’t a church like Eastlake or Great Lakes, and Reno is what God told us.  Now I would have to say my answer is different.  Through the process of planning this church and seeing the area and understanding the people better there is so much more to this than just praying about it.  God showed us Reno because we prayed, but the why didn’t come until later.  Looking back at my life and the experiences I went through I keep coming back to the moment I decided to go to church.  I had hit rock bottom.  I was lonely, broken, lost and truly didn’t know if there was more to life than the pain I was feeling.  Now in less than three months to moving I believe God has truly worked out, “why Reno”, in my heart.

It is because I believe following Christ is the best way for us to live.  I believe the love and direction He gives us makes our lives have purpose and meaning.  I believe people are crying out confused about what they should be doing with their life.  I believe, most of all, people are constantly walking through their lives, looking at the world, saying there has to be more than this.  Even though they can’t explain it they have an understanding inside themselves telling them the world isn’t supposed to be this way. 

We are walking in a world surrounded by loss, poverty, hard economies, broken hearts, unwanted hurts and addictions, and Jesus is the answer we are seeking.  Most people would advise to start a church in a community where its growing and thriving, because it logical from a business standpoint, but we are going to a community which is hurting from job loss and foreclosures, not because we feel we will be successful there, but because we are needed there.  We are coming at this, not from a business standpoint, but from a position of faith, simply caring about what God cares about.  Like me not so long ago, there is one person in Reno crying out for help, Desert Lake is for that individual.  Jesus went to the broken and hurting.  He made himself available, and so will the team of Desert Lake Church.  We are willing to risk it all becasue we believe through us Jesus is going to bring hope to a broken community.  This is why God chose Reno.


One response to “Why Reno?

  • Heather Beth

    Amen!! That was well put. Nice job Pastor Ty!!Loved it! Thanks for explaining that, even though it will be hard to see you guys leave we know that God needs you there!

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