Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains

ImageI’ve been here in Reno for a couple weeks now and I can’t help but look around and think of the things God will accomplish here.  Whether that will be done through Desertlake Church or by some other means I do not know.  I do know we are here for a purpose and are trying to follow His direction as best as we can.  Being here I can’t help but look around and see all the lives we will have to possibility to influence.  We, the nine individuals coming to start Desertlake, are simply doing our part.  Doing what we feel God is directing us to do.

I can’t help but wonder what will happen through these people.  We are simply creating a place where people can come learn who God is, and what he has planned for their lives.  I can’t help but think maybe an individual who comes will be responsible for starting a movement to end world hunger,  to end suffering in peoples lives, to bring in the kingdom that God has called us all to be a part of.

I know that these things might not happen, but what if?  Like I said we are simply doing our part.  Using our time, talents, and treasure to do what we can do.  Who knows what God will do with it.  What about you?  Will you do what you can to help?  If you feel led by the Spirit we ask that you simply take a step and do what you can.  With the faith of mustard seeds (each person doing what we can) we can move a mountain.

If you live in Seattle, help us by coming to our event to raise money for Desertlake, if you don’t live in the area we are asking you to pray and give what you feel God is asking you to give.  Above all else we simply want to say thank you.  Thank you for simply believing in what we are doing and encouraging us to continue to move forward.  So what do you say are you ready to be in the mountain moving business?



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