Come as you are… – We ask you to come as you are.  We seek individuals to be who they are, dress how they want and bring with them any struggles they may be dealing with.  The shame level here is low.

…but don’t stay that way – When you come with your hang-ups all we ask is that you allow God to partner with you as you process dealing with your struggles and issues.  Being a Christian and doing what God is calling us to do does not happen over night.  It is a continual process that is different for everyone.  Here we allow people to go through that process at their own pace.  Here we make Jesus easy and accessible.

Above all else we are a church that is here to help people find and follow Jesus Christ.  We are here for the people who don’t yet know him, but want to.  We feel people want to connect with God, but many have either been hurt by other Christians or haven’t been introduced to him.  This is why we are here.  We are not here to fill up other Christians on religiosity, but to partner with them to create a place where people feel comfortable learning about and seeking God.  A place where true life change can and will occur.  A place where we all can make a difference in our community and the world.

We hope you will support us as we continue to move forward.

Thank you,

Tyler & Mary, Gabe & Katie


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