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Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains

ImageI’ve been here in Reno for a couple weeks now and I can’t help but look around and think of the things God will accomplish here.  Whether that will be done through Desertlake Church or by some other means I do not know.  I do know we are here for a purpose and are trying to follow His direction as best as we can.  Being here I can’t help but look around and see all the lives we will have to possibility to influence.  We, the nine individuals coming to start Desertlake, are simply doing our part.  Doing what we feel God is directing us to do.

I can’t help but wonder what will happen through these people.  We are simply creating a place where people can come learn who God is, and what he has planned for their lives.  I can’t help but think maybe an individual who comes will be responsible for starting a movement to end world hunger,  to end suffering in peoples lives, to bring in the kingdom that God has called us all to be a part of.

I know that these things might not happen, but what if?  Like I said we are simply doing our part.  Using our time, talents, and treasure to do what we can do.  Who knows what God will do with it.  What about you?  Will you do what you can to help?  If you feel led by the Spirit we ask that you simply take a step and do what you can.  With the faith of mustard seeds (each person doing what we can) we can move a mountain.

If you live in Seattle, help us by coming to our event to raise money for Desertlake, if you don’t live in the area we are asking you to pray and give what you feel God is asking you to give.  Above all else we simply want to say thank you.  Thank you for simply believing in what we are doing and encouraging us to continue to move forward.  So what do you say are you ready to be in the mountain moving business?


Rockin for Reno

So as some of you may  know we are holding a huge fundraising event happening in Seattle.  Many people have chosen to donate things like plane tickets, lake house weekends and tons of other amazing items to auction off for the event.  We hope this event will bring us even closer to making Desertlake Church a reality in Reno.

The other day Mary and I went to update our phones, and were asked the question why did you move to Reno?  I explained we came to start a church, and the employee was curious about it.  I told her it is a place for people who normally wouldn’t step foot inside of a church, for people who have never been to church before or haven’t been for a long time.  It’s a place where people can be who they are and learn about God and Jesus at their own pace.  A place where we speak English and not Christianese.

After I told her a little about the church she replied by saying “Hey, that sounds like me.”  This is why we moved over two-thousand miles and are holding a huge fundraiser.  We believe God loves and wants to get to know her and many other people in the area personally.  We moved out for people like this, who are curious about God and don’t feel comfortable going to a normal church.  She told us to let her know when we are up a running so she can check it out.  So with this we hope if you live in the Seattle area you buy a ticket to an amazing night of food, drinks and auction.  Come out an be a huge part of the beginnings of Desertlake Church.

If you are not in the Seattle area, thats ok!  If you want to get involved you can donate through the link provided.  We hope to see you at Rockin for Reno!

To buy at ticket follow the link:

Let’s PARTY!!! 

Please join us and support for the start of Desert Lake Church in Reno, NV.

  • ATTIRE: This is a “swanky” event, so dress your best & prepare to be entertained.
  • ARRIVE EARLY: 630p come to get registered, mingle, nibble & drink while checking out the silent auction
  • TICKET: Your ticket will get you in the door, food & 1 drink ticket. Cash bar for beer & wine after that.
  • EXPECT: To mingle with great people, nibble deliciousness, sip some goodness, as well as bid on solid silent & live auction items.
  • PLUS a special performance preview of Desert Lake Church music & more about our vision & mission.

Hosted by: Ceci Lawson & Desert Lake Church

Master of Ceremonies/ Live Auctioneer: Troy McVicker, Event Source NW

with DJ: Scotty B, Event Source NW

All proceeds will benefit Desert Lake Church & will make an eternal impact!

Unable to attend? You’ll be missed! Please don’t miss an opportunity to give.

You can easily give online to Desert Lake Church through Paypal.  Every bit makes a difference! THANK YOU!!

Let’s Do This!

Today’s blog is an invitation to all.  As many of you have been reading the blog and following us on Facebook, we have shown you a vivid glimpse at what God has been doing on our hearts for the Reno community.  He has asked nine individuals to pack up their lives, leave their families and friends and enter a community where we know no one.  To go and be a part of his mission to spread the Good News of Jesus to others.  If you are a believer in Christ you know how lives can change by entering into a relationship with Christ.  You know the healing it can bring and hope it provides.  With that said the team of Desert Lake church asks you to please get involved by praying and giving. 

We ask all of you to please be praying for the Reno community and that God ready their hearts for what he is about to do there.  We also humbly ask to please give financially.  We cant do this alone, and we need your help.  The team of Desert Lake has raised over $10,000 dollars so far because we and the others who have already gotten involved believe God has blessed us so we can be a blessing to others.   In order for us to launch effectively in the community we need closer to $50,000.  So we are asking all of you who read our blog and our Facebook page to simply pray and give what God is putting on your heart.  It could be a one time gift or you could do a yearly commitment of a specific amount each month.  It is simply up to you.  We are not here to pressure or guilt anyone.  If you can’t give a gift that’s fine please help by praying, but if you feel led to be a part of expanding God’s kingdom through Desert Lake we sincerely appreciate the help.  Let’s do this!

What you need to know:

Before you give:  Please check our website at  for more information and vision on Desert Lake Church. 


Please make all checks payable to Desert Lake Church.  Please send them to the follow address:

Desert Lake Church

PO Box 61056

Reno, NV 89506

Credit Cards:

Please follow the link:!give

Remember: All donations are tax deductible)

Thank you so much for your support.

Why Reno?

In the inception of deciding to launch Desert Lake Church many people have asked us this question.  Why Reno?  What makes it different from anywhere else?  What makes this city special?  In the beginning I would have told them we all prayed on it, we prayed on the gaps where there wasn’t a church like Eastlake or Great Lakes, and Reno is what God told us.  Now I would have to say my answer is different.  Through the process of planning this church and seeing the area and understanding the people better there is so much more to this than just praying about it.  God showed us Reno because we prayed, but the why didn’t come until later.  Looking back at my life and the experiences I went through I keep coming back to the moment I decided to go to church.  I had hit rock bottom.  I was lonely, broken, lost and truly didn’t know if there was more to life than the pain I was feeling.  Now in less than three months to moving I believe God has truly worked out, “why Reno”, in my heart.

It is because I believe following Christ is the best way for us to live.  I believe the love and direction He gives us makes our lives have purpose and meaning.  I believe people are crying out confused about what they should be doing with their life.  I believe, most of all, people are constantly walking through their lives, looking at the world, saying there has to be more than this.  Even though they can’t explain it they have an understanding inside themselves telling them the world isn’t supposed to be this way. 

We are walking in a world surrounded by loss, poverty, hard economies, broken hearts, unwanted hurts and addictions, and Jesus is the answer we are seeking.  Most people would advise to start a church in a community where its growing and thriving, because it logical from a business standpoint, but we are going to a community which is hurting from job loss and foreclosures, not because we feel we will be successful there, but because we are needed there.  We are coming at this, not from a business standpoint, but from a position of faith, simply caring about what God cares about.  Like me not so long ago, there is one person in Reno crying out for help, Desert Lake is for that individual.  Jesus went to the broken and hurting.  He made himself available, and so will the team of Desert Lake Church.  We are willing to risk it all becasue we believe through us Jesus is going to bring hope to a broken community.  This is why God chose Reno.

Full Throttle…

Well once again God has blessed the Desert Lake Church launch team and given us great reason to celebrate.  Recently we as a team having been reading the book launch.  In the book it talks about what the first staffing positions of the church should be before you even launch.  The two most important positions are the lead pastor and the worship lead.  Since we first decided we were starting a church in Reno, Gabe and I put careful thought and consideration into who should fulfill the position of the worship lead.  When I was in Seattle I met with Ceci Lawson.  One of the original nine who helped God launch Eastlake Church in Seattle.  I shared with her the vision God had given me in regards to Desert Lake church and offered her the position.  Although Ceci has never been a worship lead before I know what an amazing individual she is and how her love for God and love for others is contagious.  She is an amazing leader, an incredible singer, with an amazing heart to build up others.  She has incredible insight into launching a new church, and would be a huge asset.  I believe God has put her on my heart for this position because she is the best for the job.  I believe she would have a huge impact regarding what God will do at Desert Lake, and I know she would build the best worship team possible.  Well, this Monday we received a reply from her and it is with great thanks to God that I am able to introduce to you the newest member of the Desert Lake team, the worship team lead for Desert Lake Church, Ceci Lawson!

The Insecurities of a Pastor in Training (Part 2)…

Do I feel called to start Desert Lake Church?

Absolutely.  Admits all of my insecurities I truly believe this is what I was created for.  Created to lead and direct people to find and follow Jesus Christ.  If there is one thing I have noticed when people come seeking who Jesus is, and who God is, there is nothing else I am more passionate about.  Helping people to understand the God of the universe loves them.  That He was willing to come to the earth in human form and literally pay the price for everything they have done wrong or will do wrong, through his death, is worth everything I have. 

Helping them to find the forgiveness and compassion which Christ gave to me is more important than anything else I could do with my life.  This is the realization God has been growing inside of me since I became a Christian.

Launching a church is such a huge responsibility.  I know it is never my job to save people (only Christ is able to do that), it is my job and duty to lead them to a relationship with him.  I wish nothing more than to honor God with every choice I make, and seek to make wise choices. 

Many of my fears rotate around the idea I will lead people in the wrong direction, but it is that same fear that motivates me to constantly be checking how I am interpreting scripture and comparing it to other trusted resources to make sure the message I am giving is in line with the teachings of Christ.

Although the gravity of this choice is monumental, it is because I know God is leading me to do it that I move forward.  Ultimately I have a choice to make:  I can let me insecurities of what I feel about myself stand in the way of what God is trying to do through me, or I can realize when God calls you to something your insecurities play no part in the calling because He is the one who strengthens you and gives you what you need to achieve his ultimate goals.